The Lie in Unlimited

Many motivational speakers and writers like to inspire their followers with unlimited hope. Phrases like – unlimited power, unlimited potential, and life without limits come to mind. Trying to motivate people by telling them there is no limit to what they can do might have the greatest intentions, but it’s misleading.

We DO have limits. To say we don’t is literally a lie.

Your body has limits. If you’re a runner or workout, if you’ve ever been sick, or if you’ve ever been to a funeral then you know this. Your time is limited. If you’ve ever tried to schedule too many tasks in a day then you know this. Even an extraordinary achiever like Steve Jobs knew this:  “Your time is limited so don’t waste it…”

There are also limits to your talents, skills, and achievements. So much of what we do and  accomplish depends on what we’re interested in + who and what we expose ourselves to and are influenced by + how much time we have. There are limits to all of those things in a lifetime.

I think the real meaning behind the word ‘unlimited’ when it’s used in motivation is to stop people from setting limits in advance.

For example, if I say I can only accomplish X then I’ll only accomplish X (or less). But, if I don’t set a limit to what I can accomplish, then I’ll just keep trying to stretch my potential.

My actual potential is unknown. Not unlimited.

The point is to keep the cap off so you have the freedom to grow into the unknown. Unknown means always experimenting, stretching, and allowing. Unlimited is seductive. It means you always could’ve done more. You should be more.

But, the word ‘unknown’ sounds scary. “Freedom to grow into the unknown” doesn’t sound motivating. It’s more truthful than ‘unlimited power’ but the truth might not sell books or insanely priced motivational seminars in Fiji. Because most people want hope, not uncertainty.

Even if it’s a lie.

And think about important eating healthily options

You need to begin exercising whenever you wish to shed pounds. You must be consistent as well as punctual when you do exercises. If you aren’t serious in your weight reduction routines, then you will suffer later in your life. You have to try and slim down in a balanced and healthy way. You need to include a minimum of an hour of physical activity daily. You ought to accompany your exercise routine with healthy diet. Healthy diet means consuming food that is non oily.

You should avoid eating fast foods. Junk food has a lot of additives. They are added to boost the taste of food. If you need to lead a healthy way of life then you should consider junk food as your biggest enemy. You should refrain from eating such meals. In case you take in sugar during a period of time then you could become a victim of diabetes. Such diseases can be lethal. It might result in heart attack. Heart attack can result in death. You need to make exercise as well as healthy eating your mantra in your life. You may start working on your goal by consuming diet that is rich in proteins and carbs.

Ensure that the kind of food items you take in will not only allow you to stay healthy but also lead to weight reduction. You should know of your weak points. You might have a weakness for sweets however, you should reserve a time in one week when you allows yourself to indulge in such temptations. This way you can satiate your sweet tooth.

If you deprive your body of sugar totally then you’ll long for sugar much more. You must take proper care of avoiding to buy the food products which don’t have the label of low-fat and diet content. Some food products generally have hidden calories within them. Almost all of the meals contain even a minimum amount of sugar as well as salt in them. They get it done simply to increase the shelf life of the foods.

Combine dieting and exercise to be able to shed weight. Outdoor walking and jogging are workouts you need to take pleasure in. Those who like nature go for brisk walks. Doctors usually suggest people the morning walk. The cause is you can get better results whenever you exercise before eating any breakfast. Should you not have the time to go for a walk in the morning then you could go for a walk later in the day.