The Most Stupid Online MBA Mistakes

Going for an online MBA degree will normally put you in a position to get a better job, to move up the corporate ladder, or to receive a better paying job. On the other hand, an easy mistake like deciding on the incorrect business school or not networking with your associates could really ruin your prospects of becoming successful. So in this article, we’ll look at the most stupid online MBA mistakes.

In the following video, some pretty successful Americans explain why they feel earning a college degree is useless anyway… but would you agree?

Here we will show you what you really should avoid when earning your Online MBA Degree. The most stupid mistakes MBA students make are:

Signing up for a non-accredited online MBA program

Before you sign up for an online MBA program, verify whether the school of your choice is accredited by the proper regional and/or national accreditation organization. A college degree from a non-accredited business school is likely not to be recognized by other schools and potential employers.

In case you already happen to be signed up for a business school that has no proper accreditation, see if you can get transferred to a well-accredited school. Only through a properly accredited program will you be able to find both integrity and convenience. However, before you apply to another school, find out everything about their transfer policy. Hopefully, you can save part of your work.

MBA students pay for an online MBA degree themselves

There are many financial resources for online MBA students, scholarships, grants, and special programs to help reduce tuition cost. Before you start studying, get all the financial help that’s available. It is a good idea as well to meet with your employer as quite a few companies finance their employee’s tuition if they feel the training will benefit the company as well. Actually, now I’ve got my new job as an editor with this GED online platform, I’m really thinking about earning my MBA degree with a specialization in either Language Development, Education, or Technology, but maybe a combination of those fields or one in General Management… I’ll keep you posted!

In case you already pay for everything by yourself, see what possibilities are still out there. Find out if your school is offering financial help, counselors are there to help you. They will have empathy for your efforts to get ahead in life. A lot of scholarships let students re-apply every year, so you have many chances to be awarded financial assistance.

Students Take their Online MBA Not Serious

In situations where a teacher is not looking over your shoulder, it might become easy to not focus fully, but you should not fool yourself by ignoring your tasks. Good scores are needed to receive scholarships and securing quality employment after your academic education. It is helpful to make a schedule that includes time for studying, professional obligations. and family commitments as well, and try to complete your coursework without interruptions. Balance is key, and think about an easier path if you can’t cope with the work.

In case you already are behind, talk to each of your instructors, explain your situation, and indicate that you are committed to completing your tasks. See also this post why earning your online business degree is so highly recommended. Think about doing extra credit or special projects to get back on track, and if you feel you are sliding again, don’t hesitate to involve family members and friends.

Disregarding MBA Peers

One of the biggest advantages of engaging in a business school is Networking. At conventional business schools, graduates build up valuable contacts that may be useful in their careers. Technological developments have made online studying so accessible. Students can earn their degrees literally from anywhere on Earth as long as there is a good internet connection. Via a virtual classroom, it could be challenging to interact with people, but it surely is not impossible. Introduce yourself to your classmates and instructors at the start of the program, participate in class discussions and other assignments and when you complete a course, let your peers know that you enjoyed their company and that you would like to stay connected with them.

In case you neglected this, you may not be too late yet. Start working on it as soon as you can, send notes or emails to your fellow students and indicate that you would like to work with them in the future.

Missing useful practical experience

There are many work-study programs and internships that give students real-life business expertise and helpful contacts. Frequently these experiences lead to new and better employment, but most online MBA programs don’t require their MBA hopefuls to participate in this sort of activities. Some students simply neglect these options, but you shouldn’t let this chance go by. Contact your school and ask them for available work experience programs, or find out which companies offer an internship. Distance learning really is a step towards higher education.

Bear in mind that most internships are only available during your study, so make arrangements before you graduate. In case you have regular employment, you still might consider an internship for a limited period of time or during irregular hours. See also this recent post with some funny body part idioms. Who knows what you may learn about the application of our language?