Studying All Across the World

Whether you’re studying in Spain or in the United States or in the Philippines, you only have one goal – to learn something. Whether you’re in a nursery or taking up post-graduate studies, you still have only one goal – to learn something. Let’s see what it takes to be studying all across the world and take also a look at this interesting video about the ten most popular (or maybe best) places to study in the world:

If you’re in Spain and you’re in high school, it is highly suggested that you learn a language other than the various regional dialects in Spain such as Catalan or Basque. You should need to learn Portuguese because you are neighbors with the Portuguese considering that you live in the same Iberian Peninsula.

Or you may want to learn English considering that majority of the tourists in Spain come from England. For this, there are a number of English language schools that have sprouted here in Spain. They are not just located in cities such as Madrid, Barcelona or Valencia or even in places like Benidorm, Costa del Sol, and Costa Blanca, they are also located in the archipelagoes of the Balearic and the Canaries off the coast of Africa.

Or you may want to take up any of the Scandinavian languages like Danish because there are also lots of Scandinavian tourists here in Spain. If you are in the United States, there are lots of study opportunities available to you. Once you have graduated from high school, you can apply for academic or varsity scholarships. If you are applying for academic scholarships, you must impress the college admissions staff with a heartily-made college admissions essay. Key is to get properly organized. Without that, you’ll see that things will get unnecessarily complicated.

There are also scholarships available for gifted students such as violinists and ballet dancers. If you are not on scholarship, you can still avail of student loans. There are federal student loans and there are student loans provided by financial institutions such as Sallie Mae. They do provide only minimal interest plus they are payable within 30 years. That means they are giving you a chance to succeed in life before paying these loans. You can still have other means to study and enhance your academic education when you’re being employed at a fast-food store or a convenience store or a video rentals store.

It really depends on your diligence and in your interest. If your interest is in the field of infectious diseases, then you must not think for a second if you want to accept an assignment or an internship in highly risky places such as the Amazon, Congo or the jungle communities in Malaysia. It’s all about seeking integrity with convenience. Who knows, after you’ve come back, you’ll be assigned juicy positions either at CDC in Atlanta, the United States Army Research Institute for Infectious Diseases (USAMRIID) or at the WHO.

Or if you want to become a hotelier someday, then sending you to the best hotel school in Switzerland may be the only option. But then again, if your parents are not that affluent, then you can still enroll at any of the various online schools. Online schools charge only minimal tuition because they don’t have laboratory fees to contend with. Yet they are still competitive because they still employ the best professors available.