Spaces Influence Your learning

Truth is, last night I had a dream that I wrote this post, so now I feel impelled to write it. I dream that I was interviewing a fellow student about how their environment affects their work and it came down to 3 things that actually makes sense, even though it’s all coming from dreamland. Here are the 3 spaces we discussed, funny thing in my dream we were all attending same preparation classes and learning for the GED.

Physical spaces Do I have enough space to create that’s free from chaos and distractions? Do I have all the tools I need to get my job done efficiently? There’s nothing worse than having the energy, inspiration, and the motivation to keep learning, but you don’t – simply because you don’t have or can’t find what you need.

Mental spaces I can create when I’m happy, sad, anxious, or frustrated. But, not when I’m depressed or grieving.  The motivation just isn’t there. I do my best to protect my mental space by making sure that if I get down… I don’t STAY down long enough to reach any state of depression.   We can’t usually control grieving that comes with loss, but I can usually protect myself from long bouts of depression.   And I’m fortunate to have hobbies and passions that contribute to my happiness.

People who influence your spaces Nobody has to be physically there to influence what and how I create. The people in my life play a huge part in my creations. Sometimes it’s unintentional.  The inspiration is coming from somewhere in my subconscious. Sometimes it’s completely intentional.  I look for inspiration in my relationships and everyday interactions with random strangers. Intentional or unintentional…  People in my life make up their own space in my head and sometimes they get channeled into my work.  Fortunately, it’s usually a positive influence.

And then I woke up. I woke up this morning and realized this all made enough sense to post it to my blog 🙂 And I realized that lately, I haven’t taken enough care of my own spaces, and it’s not worth it. It’s not worth it to allow any space to negatively affect what I love to do.

Because I find way too much joy in learning.   It’s one of the MAIN things in my life that contribute to my self-esteem.   Knowing that at the end of the day, I created something… anything… even if it’s a short poem. So, how about you?… How does your own space affect how you create?