Pieces of a Bigger Reality

Social media isn’t a distraction. It connects us to each other. It gives us a voice, a platform, and enhances our lives. For me, it only becomes a bad thing when I forget that I am not my Facebook. I am not my blog. Or my twitter. And so on. Those are small extensions of me. A snapshot. A lens. And through each lens you can decide if you want to see, know, and connect with me more.

digital reality

I usually get this.

But, I have moments where that line becomes blurred.
I forget these snapshots are just pieces of a bigger reality.

When I posted on facebook that my dad passed away, that post was a tiny piece of my reality. No, it was less than that. A facebook post is a grain of sand on a vast beach that is our lives. The reality of what I was going through couldn’t be put into words in a post and no amount of sad face emoticons and virtual hugs could comfort me. Though, they were appreciated.

I think when you go through hard times, your relationships get put into perspective. You realize who is just looking in through a lens and who is a part of your bigger reality. Everyone serves their purpose. And I do believe we need people in our lives who are both close and distant.

The point is to know that who you are runs deeper than anything you could ever post and any virtual interaction you can engage in. To not get too attached to this small piece, especially when only few are willing to cross that line with you into your bigger reality.