Lessons learned from Soulja Boy – He is a genius

Innovation is the only way to move forward and carry an idea into the future. Every now and then we have some people that come expand on a concept in a way we had never thought before. The world is filled with examples of this with such innovations like the: airplane, Nintendo Wii, iPhone, etc. But the innovation I want to talk about is an innovation in Internet Marketing. It is not so much the innovation I will talk about but the innovator.

That innovator happens to be Soulja Boy Tell’em. Now although I do not feel I need to explain myself to you all I will still tell you what I admire about him. This man is a great example to look at when studying online marketing. He built a fan base for his blog/sites that most webmasters will NEVER accomplish. And he did it BEFORE he even graduated high school.

He then took his internet prowess and celebrity and turned it into a very lucrative recording career. I may not respect the guys’ music, but I have to respect his success. Especially success within a niche that I am in and from somebody still in high school, that is pretty amazing to me.

For those of you that are not exactly clear about how Soulja Boy did all of this, I will break it down. He did like most everybody does his age, join social sites such as facebook and MySpace and built up a friend base. He posted videos of his friends and self rapping, dancing, and just acting out online. He would also upload his songs and videos on Kazaa and limewire but would tag it something else.

Let’s say he wanted to upload the song “Crank That” in limewire. He would upload the song, but for the artist and title he would put “Britney Spears: Womanizer”. He would tag everything popular at the moment and once they downloaded it they got his song. He was then able to hook the world with the content they would download and turned that into a steady flow of passive income. I posted a video below of Soulja Boy talking about how he developed his online empire.


Diego Rivera

There’s something irresistibly dashing and sexy about a man from Mexico who’s devoted his life to art and communism. You can hear the guitars, the heels clicking on the adobe floor. In the piercing heat, you sense danger. The man in question is not Clint Eastwood or anyone he played, but Diego Rivera (1886-1957) whose full name-in the most perfect sense of the adjective- apparently was Diego María de la Concepción Juan Nepomuceno Estanislao de la Rivera y Barrientos Acosta y Rodríguez.

He was a muralist, Frida Kahlo’s husband, Mexico’s most important artist, and a national hero. He even had the audacity to depict Lenin in his mural for the Rockefeller Center in New York in 1933, a move that nearly got him thrown out of the U.S. He had already been asked to leave Moscow and expelled from the Mexican communist party, so clearly the man knew how to ruffle feathers of all colours.


For those of us who wish to observe such men from a safe distance, TASCHEN’s fantastic new book, Diego Rivera: The Complete Murals, slams wide open a huge door to his astonishing world of art. The focus of this magnificent book is on murals, which as an art form are nearly impossible to “display.” Some of Rivera’s pieces, including the Lenin of Rockefeller, ended up destroyed before they were finished.

Last November, to mark the 50th anniversary of Rivera’s death, the book was published in Spanish, and now it is finally available in English. This first-ever comprehensive, retrospective presentation of Rivera’s murals and paintings includes vintage photos, essays, and documents, in addition to the images. The personal life of the notorious womanizer was just as spectacular as his artistic exploits. His marriage, divorce, and re-marriage to Kahlo, 20 years his junior, was just one episode in a life full of passion, violence, and explosive energy.

The two men behind this meticulously prepared volume, art historian Luis-Martín Lozano and Rivera and Kahlo’s grandson, Juan Rafael Coronel Rivera, are men of significant art-world merit in their own right. Their expertise and passion are tangible in this book.

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