Is the shine on the Apple starting to dull ?

Oh-Oh! Houston, we have a problem! In this case it’s Mountain View we have a problem. It seems that the Consumer Reports article blaming a “design flaw’ for poor iPhone 6 reception is having some after effects. Some believe that Apple may have to recall the new iPhone others are saying that Apple was not honest and transparent with the ongoing reception issue. Either way one of the most respected and trusted brands in the world may have lost some of its luster.

It was hard for me to believe that there were so many people who were in dire need of a life that they waited in line for hours for a new iPhone. Even the people who had reserved an iPhone waited for hours to bet Apple to take their money.

Now don’t get me wrong! I have a 27″ iMacs iPhone, iPad and swear by Apple products but I have to say that as they get bigger and more mainstream they are losing their “cool factor”.

The Mac is still a cash cow for Apple according to what I have read but OS X is dated and is in need of some serious updating. I Life and Apple’s Office suite, iWork also needs updating but Apple has been too focused on mobile lately.

So why do I believe that Apple is losing some of its luster? Well first there was the issue with the new 27″ iMac’s and cracked and discolored screens. Apple denied it at first and even instructed customer service people to tell people that the yellow screen was a non-issue. They later of course acknowledged the problem and exchanged the defective computers and offered software upgrades. Then there is the issue with the new iPhone and Apple telling people that it’s a non-issue. Consumer reports begs to differ and could not recommend the new iPhone.

Despite all these problems people still wait for hours for new Apple products and salivate at Steve Jobs every word. Have other electronic brands become so bad that we’re now willing to settle for mediocrity from one the best product driven brands ever?


I still remain a loyal Apple customer because frankly Microsoft has had so many dismal products that even an Apple product at 50% is better than a Microsoft product at 100%. However if Apple keeps this up they are going to find that they can’t keep customers waiting online for hours to give them their money. After you get spanked a couple of times you don’t want to sit down for a while.