My New Editor Job with the Best GED Classes website

Despite not posting every day, as I had ambitiously envisioned myself doing upon beginning this blog, I have been working on my writing every single day since throwing myself on a roll. Here, I want to talk about my new editor job with the Best GED Classes website.

Most of this is comprised of learning – reading, reading, reading. However, I did throw myself on a couple of limbs. This is what I was up to;
And I also met three times, for several hours each, to work on our brand new script. AT is a hyphenated individual, and by that, I mean test taker-writer-website-maker.

I find collaborating a terrific way to get started. It’s great to encourage each other on. Our script is moving along swimmingly so far, and having AT’s expertise in the area, and humor has been tons of fun.

Needless to say, Friday’s meeting was alcohol-free. This is what I have to do:

– Meet up with AT a minimum of twice next week
– Check/edit GED diagnostic tests on the Best GED Classes website
– Read the Blog About Learning
– Read What color is your brain
– Write my first set of tests

Oh, God, I’m panicking copying the list down. I will put 5 more items on the list down next post. Hopefully, this practice reduces panic. If not, another shot of tequila might.

On a side note, on Thursday it was funny as all get out, so we scheduled our meeting for 3 o’clock on the patio of Las Margaritas in Kitsilano.

With both of us in superior spirits, we decided to start things off with a bang – cheers with a shot of tequila, and a pitcher of strawberry margaritas. “Yeah, we’re drinking in the middle of the day! I love the biz!” Unfortunately, the combination of the sun on my pale, freckled body and mid-day boozing found me eventually lying on someone’s front lawn, petting their cat and drinking an enormous cotton candy Slurpee.

My Book Review

The second book I read during my 50 book challenge was The Road by Cormac McCarthy. This is the post-apocalyptic story of a father and son, making their way through a very different world from the one we know today.

It flattens the bell curve of human destruction and human compassion. Whatever that means. I just said it because it sounds book review-y. Grotesque post-apocalyptic masquerade renders all beings monsters, marauders, angels, and saints. Whatever that means, too, and for the same reason.

I thought this book was really good. I flew through it, eating it up hungrily, despite the depressing pretext. I guess underneath every survival story, the saving grace for it’s dark and depressing nature, is that hope for survival.

Though, for the faint of heart, I’m warning you that it has some VERY dark moments. I like books like this, though, and video games like this too. My boyfriend has been to listen to my plans of action for almost any post-apocalyptic possibility, from zombies to ice ages to widespread panic and disease.

But mostly zombies.

I have a nasty head cold, so this is all I have to give and I must also dedicate some time to my editor’s work for the online education website I’m working for now.
Does anyone want to share what their plan is if zombies begin to take over?

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