Those Good Old Goals

So I found this post, over at Rare Bird Freelancer, very helpful. It just outlined how to go about getting out of my horrible little job, into something I chose for myself. The way she put things made everything tangible and possible, if approached step by step. I was also reminded – ah, that pesky business of goals. So necessary, and yet so difficult to peg down, because then you’re accountable. So, without further adieu, my goals for the remainder of the year.

– Post in my blog an average of three times a week. Be an excellent editor for the e-learning website
– Write my first set of three query letters
– Continue meeting with AT to develop screenplay at least twice a week
– Finish reading my new book about freelance writing
– Get business cards made up
– Finally settle on a domain, and snatch it up

I think all of this is attainable. Once August is finished, I’m going to review back on how well I did, and establish some long-term goals – most likely with vision of six months from then.

Does anyone have suggestions for goals a writer just starting out might have? What were your goals when you first began, and how did they turn you.

Along with goals, there are a number of other tasks I find distasteful that I know are important. The tactic is to pony up and just do them. The next one on the list is to keep my scope open, but direct my focus. This will greatly enhance direction in accomplishing my goals. Of course, the goal is to be elaborately prolific, consummately fresh, incorruptibly clever … and rich, since we’re throwing all the big words out there. But once I step down from my soap box high atop cloud nine, I’m walking on concrete towards my goals rather than flying through the vanilla skies.

No matter. A walk is always good for the figure.

The need for focus comes from this – my reader is unfathomably stuffed. My friend and script-writing partner in crime AT professes to not following a single blog, to which I gasp for air which can’t come. Blogs are my lifeblood for information. However, days aren’t 50 hours long which is why I need to focus-focus-focus. While I won’t be removing anyone anytime soon, I’m going to be more discriminating with the subscriptions I do add.

Some (Loose) Guidelines To Maintain My Abundant Reader 

I will focus on blogs that maintain a balance between frequency of posting, and the quality of those posts. Cheating (scrolling down, but not reading) is okay once in awhile, when the topic doesn’t really pertain to me, but should not become a standard. The more prolific bloggers, for example, three posts per day, sometimes fall through the cracks in my attention span and make me feel guilty. Like I’m not doing my homework because the dog/cat/family cow ate it, I swear.

I will focus on blogs that are passionate and authentic. I prefer that the blog be done by someone with a voice unique to them, and that it’s consistent. If I could read the post independently in a word processor and identify the blogger simply by their written voice, then that’s my favorite type of blog to follow.

I will focus on blogs that are generally on topic. I love tangents – hence the need for this list – but my reading right now needs to be in line with my goals.

I will focus on blogs that link a lot, but have the meat of the issue contained in the original post. Going on a merry goose chase

after information can be a bit tiresome if it’s happening all the time.

I will focus on blogs that use meaningful, and descriptive titles. Along with this goes any that include lists, reader-friendly organization such a lists, bullets, highlighting, etc. This is so helpful when learning. Then, not to throw anything of value away, so is a highly enthralling narrative. You can deliver knowledge through both, but I think it depends on the topic.

Of course, from now on I’ll have to try and hold myself to these standards as well. Now there’s the real trick!