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Lessons learned from Soulja Boy – He is a genius

Innovation is the only way to move forward and carry an idea into the future. Every now and then we have some people that come expand on a concept in a way we had never thought before. The world is filled with examples of this with such innovations like the: airplane, Nintendo Wii, iPhone, etc. But the innovation I want to talk about is an innovation in Internet Marketing. It is not so much the innovation I will talk about but the innovator.

That innovator happens to be Soulja Boy Tell’em. Now although I do not feel I need to explain myself to you all I will still tell you what I admire about him. This man is a great example to look at when studying online marketing. He built a fan base for his blog/sites that most webmasters will NEVER accomplish. And he did it BEFORE he even graduated high school.

He then took his internet prowess and celebrity and turned it into a very lucrative recording career. I may not respect the guys’ music, but I have to respect his success. Especially success within a niche that I am in and from somebody still in high school, that is pretty amazing to me.


How Can I Attract More Readers to My Site?

That’s, like, the biggest question every hopeful internet mogul asks. More visitors equals more customers/ad clicks. More of that stuff means lots more money, so, yeah, visitors are probably the most important aspect for any internet business. Except they’re not.


I’ve failed miserably multiple times at making a living on the internet. This is important because one of those miserable failures bankrupted me and taught me the very hard lesson that visitors don’t matter as much as you think. See, what had happened was . . . I decided to try my hand at Google Adwords – thinking, like most internet wannabes, that visitors were the X factor I was missing.

Buy eyeballs on my pages and (so long as my commissions paid more than my ad buys) I would profit big. Let me just tell you how fast I lost money using that strategy . . . Fucking FAST. It was right about that time (you know, while having panic attacks over my credit card bill) that I realized that all visitors are not created equal. But even that’s not quite right. It’s not that all visitors aren’t created equal, it’s that


I am a hopeless word lover

If you know me, then you certainly know, too, that I am a hopeless word lover; I drown myself in words. I collect quotes & I copy beloved poems by beloved poets, living and dead, into my own personal notebook, so I can have the most lovely of lovely words close at hand any time, I use my quotes at work, when I blog and even used them when I have recently taken the aptitude test.

Many of you are certainly familiar with Albert Camus‘s quote: “In the depths of winter, I finally learned that there was, in me, an invincible summer.” 

So, as a woman with a stack of notebooks filled with beautiful words, how did I choose Camus’s quote to influence my blog and (dare I say it?) my “brand?” Long ago, I made the quote into a kind of personal mantra–the mantra for the hardest times, the darkest times.


If It Weren’t For Bad Luck, I’d Have No Luck At All

I was on my way home from a hard day of learning for my GED in the library
. I was tired.  All I could think about was getting home, taking a shower and a nap. I pulled up to the stoplight at a busy intersection and sat about two cars back in the far right lane. I stared at the red light, kind of zoning out while I waited for it to turn green. Suddenly I heard a loud crash and looked into the intersection only to see a big white truck careening straight towards me. All I remember was crying out, “Oh God, no!” and then turning away, so as not to see the impact.

I heard the crunch of metal on metal as I was whipped sideways like a piece of cooked spaghetti. Someone helped me out of my totaled car, which was now sitting between the sidewalk and a restaurant parking lot. I sat on the grass next to the sidewalk in shock as I surveyed the damage. The white truck had collided with another car in the intersection, then hit a SUV in the lane next to me before hitting my car. (more…)

I get it now

I wanted to call her today so badly.

I wanted it to be like all the other times I called her just to vent. She’d answer the phone and I’d tell her that I just wanted to bitch and she’d tell me to hold on while she got some fresh water and got comfy beside one of the dogs on the couch. And I’d hear the flick of her lighter and the sound of her inhaling that first drag and then she’d say, “There now. Okay, what’s up, chickie?” and I’d let loose and ramble on about all the stupid things that were pissing me off. And she’d listen and say all the right things and when I hung up the phone I’d feel like all was right with the world again.

I wanted to call her today so badly and tell her about the shiner Julia gave Oliver when she bashed him in the face with a plastic bowling pin this morning. I wanted to tell her about the fucking bitches that work at the cold deli at the grocery store and how every time I’m there they treat me like dog shit and make me feel guilty for having the audacity to have them cut me a half pound of roasted turkey breast and how I’m not going to shop there anymore, ever again, and how I got the store manager’s name and phone number so I can call him during his next shift and tell him why he is losing a longtime customer. I wanted to tell her how I try so hard to stay calm and keep my cool with Oliver but sometimes he is so difficult to deal with, and it overwhelms me, and how there are times when he’s screaming and kicking and hitting and I don’t know what the right thing is to do.


5 Reasons to Embrace Criticism

In recent months, I have experienced more outside criticism than at any other point in my life. While I have always known, in the back of my mind, that people will always ’say what they will say’, it has been brought to the forefront of my attention recently as I have been made acutely aware of my critics through a variety of means.

I admit that it has taken some getting used to. Our natural reaction to criticism is to defend ourselves, our positions and our opinions. We want to try to convince other to see the merits in our cases. However, the successful persons reaction to criticism must be non-reaction. It has been told to me by several successful people whom I hold in high regard that: “successful people are immune to criticism.”

Well, in order to build up an immunity you must first have exposure. Therefore, this week I wanted to throw out 5 reasons why one should embrace criticism:


Start Doing Stop Just Reading. The Real Price of Reading Too Much

If you’re anything like me, you love to read. There’s so much that reading can do for us as writers.

Reading others’ work can help us hone our craft. We can pick up witty turns of phrase, grammar rules that we weren’t previously aware of, and tips on how to write with real passion.

Above all that, though, we read to learn. Chances are you’re here right now because you’re itching to learn something about freelancing. And I don’t believe that there’s ever a limit to how much you can or should learn.


…when it gets in the way of taking action.

The old saying “Those who can’t do, teach,” takes a little bit of a different spin for us writers.

For us, it reads more like “Those who really really want to do, but don’t feel like we’re quite ready, and maybe just need a little bit more time to work things through, and if we only read this one more blog post then we should be ready to go, but what’s this other recommended post on the sidebar, maybe I’ll just give that a quick… read.”


Is the shine on the Apple starting to dull ?

Oh-Oh! Houston, we have a problem! In this case it’s Mountain View we have a problem. It seems that the Consumer Reports article blaming a “design flaw’ for poor iPhone 6 reception is having some after effects. Some believe that Apple may have to recall the new iPhone others are saying that Apple was not honest and transparent with the ongoing reception issue. Either way one of the most respected and trusted brands in the world may have lost some of its luster.

It was hard for me to believe that there were so many people who were in dire need of a life that they waited in line for hours for a new iPhone. Even the people who had reserved an iPhone waited for hours to bet Apple to take their money.


College student living on a tight budget

download (1)Of course. Just as we start saving and living on a tight budget, life throws us a curve ball. It’s how you deal with these unexpected circumstances that define you and make you stronger.

A year ago I decided to get a student loan for a car, it seemed a good idea at that time but I struggle now with adding car expenses to my budget now. Today I got a flat tire, I hit a curb trying to avoid some kids playing in the road. The impact of the curb on the side of my tires made a nasty hole right in the rubber. My tires were in bad condition. After some research, I found tires at Wal-Mart for $50.00 each. I went to my local Wal-Mart ready to buy 4 new tires. Wal-Mart gave me two quotes: $250 for 4 new tires installed and balanced and $315 for 4 new tires installed and balanced AND free lifetime balance and rotation. I declined the lifetime service as I am moving next year. Unfortunately, I had to put the $250 onto the credit card I just paid off! I’m not feeling good.

I’m working now on readjusting my driving habits. here is what I got so far.  (more…)

How to Overcome the The Curse of Comparison

There’s something about being holed up feeling crook that can really do your head in. Aside from the hurts and lethargy of course. That really bombs.

But once you get past that there’s the dangerous mid point where you still have brain fog, you can’t think straight enough to actually do any of the stuff you would usually love to do, the stuff that feels like it’s making life a little bit richer and more awesome, but you’re well enough that your brain is pushing you to do something.

so what do you do?

You might be tempted to fall back on that old procrastination favorite, surfing the Internet. Combine it with a little Twitter and you’ve found the perfect way to spend your precious time without any danger of being compelled to take action. Told you it was deadly.