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Hi, thanks for taking the time to find out more about me. I’m Sharmskee, as you’ve probably already guessed, and this is my blog about my daily/weekly/monthly musings.

My aim is to share my knowledge of digital education, website design, graphic design and even my daily life.


I am an educator, blogger, website designer, graphic designer and a coach. Too many people jump into online learning in the hope of making a fast buck while teaching online. Yes, you can make money quickly, but to build a long-lasting business with a solid reputation, you’ll need to put in a good amount of work. I’m not saying you’ll have to work harder than a typical 9-to-5, but, you’ll certainly want to start working ’smarter’ to maximize your effectiveness as an online educator.

Stay with me here and let’s learn together.

What is digital learning

Digital learning is also referred to as e-learning. Virtual classes and video lectures are both examples of digital learning. You can use digital learning with your course, starting today. It’s spectacular, over sixty percent of our very first graders will someday work at jobs that are not even existing today. We don’t even have the slightest idea exactly what sort of jobs those might be, although one thing is certain, these jobs will have to do with innovation.

That’s why every youngster needs to learn the ways to utilize modern technology. It is very important to immediately understand that this substantial focus on the application of innovation does not imply that we will end up with fewer teachers, rather contrary.

Technology is right here to be used as a tool by instructors and to equip them to deliver courses in a way that the old-fashioned analog school, still embedded the last century, is just not able to today. Teachers are vital as the most powerful incentives around to in fact stimulate our children to discover, using the most modern innovations.

Examples of making use of modern innovative education and learning include incorporating diverse media and online sources as means of accessing expertise. Even games could be used as a modern education and learning technology, particularly adaptive software programs that are made to be interactive.

Class evaluation tools could allow teachers to quickly find the spaces in their pupils’ understanding and customize their training appropriately. Data analysis and administration tools could offer useful feedback that supports teachers and institution innovators in better details administration.

Some researchers have actually found that when technology is associated with learning, the pupils are more engaged in know-how acquisition. Since innovation in the classroom offers specialized learning, troubled pupils are more likely to improve when they can make use of education innovation.

We cannot emphasize enough how vital including modern innovative education techniques is. We have only just begun to understand how innovation can benefit today’s education.

The cost of innovative education technology in colleges is rising annually all around the world. Mobile innovation, such as tablets and laptops, are adding to this increase the most.